Huawei’s folding smartphone will appear with an 8-inch screen

Recently there have been leaks that show Huawei’s folding smartphone appears with a larger screen size than Samsung’s folding smartphone. Reporting from Phone Arena (19/11), Huawei’s smartphone is rumored to be displaying an 8-inch screen in tablet mode and measuring 5 inches in smartphone mode. This was first leaked through videos uploaded by the TechConfigurations account.

huwawei folding screen

If this rumor is true, then Huawei will be the first manufacturer to issue a smartphone with a screen of this size. Because Samsung only provides a folding smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen size in smartphone mode. While in tablet mode, Samsung’s folding smartphone will have a 7.3-inch screen size.

Other news will be provided by BOE. Previously the BOE also made OLED panels for the Mate 20 Pro series.

Not only that, Huawei will also launch its folding smartphone first to Korea. Because the company plans to launch its first folding smartphone as a 5G device. Given that only Korea will have a wide 5G network and run in the first half of 2019.

Huawei’s folding smartphone will be announced at the MWC in March, and will be marketed in the April-June period after extensive testing on the 5G network.

Unfortunately until now there is no further information regarding the specifications of Huawei’s first folding smartphone. It seems that we still have to be patient to wait for more information regarding the specifications and truth of the rumors that have spread. How? Are you curious about this Huawei folding smartphone?

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